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Central AC System in Eastern PA

Have you been thinking about trying out central air in your home? If you're tired of noisy, window-box air conditioning or don't have an air conditioning system to begin with, central air could make a great addition to your home. When it's hot and muggy in Philadelphia, just flip on your central air and a cool breeze will flow throughout your entire home! Not sure how to get started on installation? Bollinger Home Services offers specialized installation and repair services 24/7. We're on call whenever you need us!

Central Air
Unlike traditional air conditioning, central air is designed to circulate evenly throughout the entire home. You won't be left with hot and cold spots from one room to the next or have to deal with varying temps. This advanced system also regulates the temperature of the entire home, providing a more consistent cooling pattern that stays adjusted to the temperature you set.

 Considerably less noisy.
 Main part of system is located outside in a discreet area.
 Air temperature setting located in one area for entire house.

Already have central air but need a repair? Just give us a call! Our expert repair technicians have years of experience and will get your system up and running in no time. We're dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, every visit.

Air Conditioner - Philadelphia Central AC

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